July 15, 2009

Telemarkting software


TMS is the Windows application and iTMS is the hosted web browser telemarketing application, both work on the same database and configurations. The TMS/iTMS software is a unique mixture of a call centre system and a CRM system. It enables supervisors to manage data and callers. This includes everything from databases and data cleaning to managing call lists to reporting and exporting. Callers can either manage their own call lists or be fed a predefined list one record at a time, either within a script or like a CRM screen. The systems also have additional functionality for product based operations, including full Sales Order Entry. TMS is highly configurable, and it is scalable from 1 user to 100+.

Use TMS for
• Appointment setting • Telesales
• Telemarketing • Order taking
• Research • Surveys
• Account management • Fundraising
• Prospecting • Lead generation & distribution
• List cleaning • Magazine subscription questionnaires

More details visit http://www.blogger.com/www.qsstms.com