January 25, 2010

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) recruitments

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT), Hyderabad is a Premier
Research Laboratory under the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR),
New Delhi, which is an autonomous body under the Government of India.

IICT is a multi-disciplinary Institute with proven strengths in Organic
Chemistry (drugs, agrochemicals and industrial organics), Inorganic & Physical
Chemistry including Catalysis, Lipid Science & Technology, Organic Coatings &
Polymers, Chemical Biology, Chemical Engineering and Design Engineering.

Applications are invited from Indian Nationals in prescribed proforma for the
following posts to provide core manpower of various specializations to the Laboratory
research programs supported at National and International levels:

01. SCIENTIST ‘B’ [GR.IV(1)]
15600-39100 + GP-5400
PB-3 (6 posts)
35 Yrs.
B1 & B2 Chemical Biology (2 posts)
B3 Mechanical Engineering (1 post)
B4 & B5 Lipid Science & Technology
(2 posts) (1 OBC & 1 ST)
B6 Computers (1 post) (PH)
C1, C2&C3 Organic Synthesis (3 posts)
(1 SC)
C4 Chemical Engineering. (1 post)
C5 Lipid Science & Technology
(1 post)
C6 Lipid Science & Technology [Spl.
Emulsions] (1 post)
C7 &
Organo Metallic (Sensors) (1 post)
Organo Metallic (1 post) (OBC)
C9 Chemical Biology Biomarker
(1 Post)
C10 Electrical Engineering(1 post)
02. SCIENTIST ‘C’ [GR.IV(2)]
15600-39100 + GP-6600
PB-3 (11 posts)
C11 Systems Engineering (1 post)
EI 1 & EI 2 Synthetic Organic / Medicinal
Chemistry (2 posts) (1 OBC)
EI 3 & EI 4 Chemical Biology (2 posts)
EI 5 Pharmacology (1 post)
EI 6 Tissue Engineering (1 post)
EI 7 NMR (1 Post) (OBC)
EI 8 Chemical Engineering. (1 post)
15600-39100 + GP-7600
PB-3 (9 posts)
EI 9 Material Sciences (1 post)

EII 1 Synthetic Organic /Medicinal
Chemistry (1 post)
EII 2 Immunology (1 post)
37400-67000 + GP-8700
PB-4 (3 posts)
45 Yrs.
EII 3 Inorganic Chemistry (Material
Sciences) (1 post)
F1 & F2 Organic Synthesis (2 posts)
F3 Molecular Modelling /
Computational Chemistry (1 post)
05. SCIENTIST 'F' [GR.IV(5)]
37400-67000 + GP-8900
PB-4 (4 posts)
50 Yrs.
F4 Chemical Biology (1 post)


January 22, 2010

career path finder


now a days parents and student warring about best career to choose, and how he can acheive his career. below figure provides the career path, all the best

January 17, 2010

CA Exam Result 2009

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India has announced resulst for common proficiency test , Final and Final(new cource) 2009. candidates will their result with the following websites

Common Proficiency test - http://caresults.nic.in/cpt/cpt.htm

Final -- http://caresults.nic.in/final/final.htm

Final(New cource) -- http://caresults.nic.in/finalnc/finalnc.htm

all the best

January 12, 2010

how to add prefix xml node in serialization

ML namespaces provide a method for qualifying the names of XML elements and XML attributes in XML documents to ensure that those names are unique in time and place. Recall that a qualified XML name consists of a prefix and a local name separated by a colon - XYZ:ABC. The prefix XYZ serves only as a placeholder, i.e., an alias, as it is mapped to a URI that specifies a namespace.

XML namespaces are contained by instances of XmlSerializerNamespaces class. To create fully qualified names in an XML document:

  1. Create an instance of XmlSerializerNamespaces class and add the required (prefix, namespace) pairs.
  2. Apply the appropriate XML serialization attributes and at the same time setting the Namespace property of each such attribute to one of the namespaces specified in step 1.
  3. Pass the XmlSerializerNamespaces instance to XmlSerializer.Serialize() method.

The following example illustrates:

namespace XMLNamespaceSerialization
public class Price
// Serialize the currency field as an attribute with the given namspace
[XmlAttribute( Namespace ="www.diranieh.com")]
public string currency;

// Serialize the price field as an attribute with the given namspace
[XmlAttribute( Namespace ="www.diranieh.com")]
public decimal price;

public class Book
// Serialize the title field as an element with the given namspace
[XmlElement( Namespace = "www.diranieh.com") ]
public string Title;

// Serialize the price field as an element with the given namspace
[XmlElement( Namespace = "www.diranieh.com") ]
public Price price;

public class Books
// Serilize the alBooks filed with the given namespace
[XmlElement(typeof(Book), Namespace = "www.diranieh.com")]
public ArrayList alBooks = new ArrayList();

private void btnNamespaces_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
/* Create a collection of books */

// Book1
XMLNamespaceSerialization.Book book1 = new XMLNamespaceSerialization.Book();
XMLNamespaceSerialization.Price price1 = new XMLNamespaceSerialization.Price();
price1.currency = "USD";
price1.price = 49.99M; // M suffix for decimal literals
book1.Title = "Advanced .NET";
book1.price = price1;

// Book2
XMLNamespaceSerialization.Book book2 = new XMLNamespaceSerialization.Book();
XMLNamespaceSerialization.Price price2 = new XMLNamespaceSerialization.Price();
price2.currency = "GBP";
price2.price = 39.99M; // M suffix for decimal literals
book2.Title = "Advanced C#";
book2.price = price2;

// Add books to collection
XMLNamespaceSerialization.Books books = new XMLNamespaceSerialization.Books();
books.alBooks.Add( book1 );
books.alBooks.Add( book2 );

/* Create XML namespace pairs */
XmlSerializerNamespaces namespaces = new XmlSerializerNamespaces();
namespaces.Add( "YD", "www.diranieh.com" );

/* Serialize to file */
Stream stream = new FileStream( "Namespaces.xml", FileMode.Create, FileAccess.Write, FileShare.Write );
XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer( typeof( XMLNamespaceSerialization.Books ) );
serializer.Serialize( stream, books, namespaces );

Output from the previous code is shown below:

<YD:Title>Advanced .NET

<YD:price currency="USD" price="49.99" />
<YD:Title>Advanced C#
<YD:price currency="GBP" price="39.99" />

Ref: http://www.diranieh.com/NETSerialization/XMLSerialization.htm

January 8, 2010

sbi probationary officers recruitment



Written examination date : 07.03.2010 (SUNDAY)

Fee : FROM 01.01.2010 TO 25.01.2010

Last Date : 31.01.2010

Applications are invited from eligible Indian Citizens for appointment as Probationary Officers
in Associate Banks of State Bank of India. Candidates selected are liable to be posted
anywhere in India.


2 SBH 101 51 182 340 674 10 10 20
3 SBIND 15 7 27 51 100 01 02 03
4 SBM 64 73 50 130 317 02 09 11
5 SBP 41 81 76 47 24503 03 06
6 SBT 19 45 22 40 126 02 01 03
301 289 459 668 1717 23 32 55

(B) Age Limit:
Not below 21 years and not above 30 years as on 31.01.2010
Relaxation in the Upper Age Limit to Reserved category candidates

(A) Essential Academic Qualifications :
General and other Candidates : 60% aggregate marks in class XII or Diploma
course after 10th standard AND 55%
aggregate marks in Graduation irrespective of
Pass Course or Honours Course.
SC/ ST/ PWD : 55% aggregate marks in class XII or Diploma
course after 10th standard AND 50%
aggregate marks in Graduation irrespective of
Pass Course or Honours Course.
In case of candidates having professional qualification(s) of CA or CWA or CFA or
CS (Company Secretary), where graduation is not compulsory, the candidates
should have secured minimum 60% aggregate marks in class XII (55% in case of
SC/ ST/ PWD candidates) and pass marks in any one of the above examination.
Note : (1) Candidates who have not passed XIIth Standard Examination but have
passed with 60% aggregate marks (55% for SC/ ST/PWD) Diploma courses
after Xth Standard are eligible for the captioned recruitment, provided:
(i) Diploma course passed must be a full time course (Diploma course
through correspondence are not eligible) with a minimum of Two years
(ii) The Diploma course should be recognised/ approved by the State Board
of Technical Education of the concerned State.
(2) The percentage of marks in XIIth Std./ Diploma Course/ Graduation shall be
arrived at by dividing the marks obtained by the candidate in all the subjects
by aggregate maximum marks of all subjects irrespective of optional/ additional
optional subjects studied. Similar percentage of marks in Graduate shall be
arrived at by dividing the percentage of marks obtained by the candidate in
all subjects by maximum marks of the all subjects of Course (both for Pass
/ Honour Course) for all the years of the Course.

Rs. 10000/- in the scale of Rs. 10000-470/6-12820-500/
3-14320-560/7-18240 applicable to Junior Management Grade Scale I. They will also be
eligible for D.A., H.R.A. & C.C.A. as per rules in force from time to time.

APPLICATION FEE AND POSTAGE : (Non Refundable) Can be deposited from
01.01.2010 to 25.01.2010
Sr. No. Category Total
1. SC / ST / PWD Rs. 50/- (Postal Charges only)
2. All others Rs. 500/- (App. fees plus postage charges)