November 22, 2008

Catching the TV on your PC

Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV. Enjoy iPod, PSP, IPhone, Movies, Music, MP3, TV Shows!

Get access to loads of excellent TV entertainment at the click of your mouse

No one is letting you watch all the TV you want and YouTube vedio snippets too short for the best canned minutes from the Zee and Star television channel bouquet. Its fast and its frothy.

But if you’re fond of firangi soaps and programs, you can even watch recorded programs and serial episodes off television networks like ABC, AOL TV, BBC America ,CBS Comedy central, Court TV, Discovery Channel, E!,FOX,HBO,MTV, National Geographies, NBC, PBS, Sci-Fi,TBS,TNT,VH1 et al. or if you’re budding news hound, you can get live stuff streaming off CNN IBN India, CNBC TV18 and BBC? And everything right there on your Comp...

Television Network
Like to feast on American V soaps and sitcoms like Gossip Girl, The Simpson, cops, Morons on Parade? Point your browser to TV3O for host of US TV networks. But there’s hitech the video here is geo-blocked (access barred outside specific countries) for us in India. To get around this hurdle get a small Internet Explorer Plug in called Ultra surf ( ). Or use a proxy server to mask your actual location. A proxy server receives requests intended for another server and then acts on behalf of the client ( as the client proxy )to obtains the requested service. Thus making the site you’re visiting think that permitted territory. Go to for a listing of proxies by country and take your pick.

Once you have worked out the proxy bit, try this amazing online TV aggregator which among other lollies also gives you Hulu, a free online video service that shows current hit TV shows.

World News TV
This one is all about streaming live TV feeds from around the worked. Featuring broadcasting from CNN,BBC, Sky News, ABC News Now, CCTV-9nChhina, Iran Press TV, Russia today france4 and last but not least, Our very own CNBC and CNN IBN India.. So if you’re a news buff catch all the action here even as it happens, right on your windows media Player.

Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV. Enjoy iPod, PSP, IPhone, Movies, Music, MP3, TV Shows!